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Blockchain app Development

We are a leading blockchain development business that delivers cutting-edge futuristic blockchain solutions, with skills to harness the capability of this new revolutionary technology.


Only if it is carefully and intelligently developed and devised can a masterpiece be created. Our blockchain advising and consulting services seek to provide customers with decentralized apps and blockchain architecture that will help them achieve their business objectives. We next proceed to design the prototypes utilizing appropriate use cases.


We help with businesses to create and architect unique blockchain solutions, leveraging our extensive knowledge of blockchain frameworks. We engage stakeholders to acquire a full picture of the existing systems and develop solutions that are both reliable and secure.
The following advantages are available to businesses:

  • Reduced cost/time for transactions
  • Improves product and security of the entire system
  • Increases transparency and tracks fraudulent activity
  • Improves customer loyalty

We specialize in building decentralized, secure and reliable blockchain applications using a wide range of frameworks.

  • Blockchain frameworks: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Multichain, R3, Corda, Exonum, Fabric

Our blockchain application testing services verify that all components are working together and that any related applications connected to the blockchain fabric interact in the expected manner.

  • We use the most effective testing methods, which involve a variety of pathways. We use a varied toolset to conduct testing, depending on the blockchain application and platform, with a concentration on Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Blockchain Testing Frameworks: Ethereum Tester, BitconJ, Populus, Truffle, Embark, Hyperledger Composer
  • Standard testing includes functional, security, integration, contract, performance, and peer and node tests.


A combination of technologies Information Capital uses to build and run an application or project

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Multichain, Fabric, Sawtooth

Additional Framework

NXT / R3 - Tested and reliable platforms

Permissioned Blockchain Applications

Corda / Parity / Exonum

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