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Information Capital is an international consulting and analytics company concentrating on Fourth Industrial Revolution 4.0 strategies, to assist our strategic partners. Our company was established in 2008 by people who had an idea of what the future would be and how technology could aggregate and sustain business. Understanding data and the impact of big data has been our mission. Driving Industry 4.0, we have developed an orientated eco system called Osmosys which connects our possibilities with your capabilities. Information Capital is not just a tech/data company we integrate seamlessly into legacy methodology and provide innovation ultimately revolutionising these methodologies with the view embed technology aided efficiency. Now that you know we can speak geek contact us. Information Capital was established in 2008 to assist our clients across the continent by both protecting and utilizing data and by utilizing state of the art technology to enhance their business on all fronts to ensure our clients succeed.

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Our vision for digital transformation and economic recovery in South Africa is achieved through digitisation.This digitalisation involves the synchronisation, collaboration, and modernisation of enterprises, institutions and industrial sectors within the country. Using 5IR, and externaliSAtion we can allow them to become globally competitive.

Encourage the development of future industries and applications based on Industry 5.0 technology

"The Fifth Industrial Revolution is a period in which smart, linked, and integrated cyber, physical and biological systems, as well as smart business models, are used to define and change the social, economic, and political realms."

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Digital Identity,Verification and Trust

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Our Solution

At day zero, the Information Capital platform combines automated machine learning with various sources of curated data to deliver a multidimensional perspective of identity verification and fraud risk.

Identity Verification & KYC

Verify identities quicker with the industry's most frictionless, accurate KYC and fraud solutions, reducing the time it takes to fund, trade, buy, and store.

Check for Identities in the Sharing and Gig Economy

Identity verification that is both passive and frictionless. Ensure consumer trust and safety by onboarding additional consumers, vendors, and gig workers quickly and safely without increasing fraud.

Automate Business Processes

APIs allow you to automate business processes by integrating and coordinating the systems that underpin operations such as payments and procurement.

Custom Middleware is used to connect systems

Allow us to create bespoke middleware to link your critical systems, such as in-house or cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software or proprietary, home-grown apps. We enable you to continually monitor the status of these integrations and measure metrics that might reveal information about your company.

Consume Data from External APIs

Data may be retrieved from over one million APIs available throughout the world,Enrich your business processes and data with information from outside sources, allowing your company to function more effectively than ever before.

API Architecture and Development Services

Connecting your systems, devices, and data to the rest of the digital world through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

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